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  • Private international politics and public affairs consulting.

    In case my publications, statements and my work seem to be interesting and supportive for you, your work or your company, I provide exclusive and personal consulting in the fields of my expertise.

    Due to my special knowledge and contacts in legal matters, politics, government-relations, representation of interest (advocacy, lobbying), effective networking, my network and my insights into the governmental and private sector in Austria, in Europe (the European Union) and in South America (i.a. Mercosur) governmental and non-governmental (NGOs) organisations as well as in political parties and on a national and international level I provide special consulting services to privileged clients, such as entrepreneurs, investors, governments, governmental organisations, independent gentlemen (Privatiers), funds and foundations, non governmental organisations (NGOs), international organisations and charity organisations.

    I'm also very much interested in discussions and informal and non-commercial cooperation as I'm always searching to enlarge and widen my own knowledge and views. No project and no consultation will necessarily lead to a result but could still be fertile for both sides.

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    What is the additional value, I'm providing:

    Open ear and open mind. Contacts and intercultural knowledge. Outside view with inside experience. Legal background and practical experience.

    - searching for different approaches
    - investor's background
    - state and democracy building
    - profound legal basis (EU and Austria)
    - entering EU markets
    - democratisation
    - keeping identity
    - Austrian focus international approach.
    - clients secrets stay confidential
    - communication knowledge: crisis and litigation communication
    - compliance matters
    - contact to authorities

    Clients and partners base:

    Will not be published for obvious confidentiality reasons but could be discussed directly.

    You will ask:

    What ist the price or compensation of this services? My approach is different. We will first talk about ideas, concepts and solutions. At the end, you will decide how much it is worth to you. Only in case there are reasonable expenses, you will take them over, as far as necessary. If there are no valuable results, there will be no remunerations. To be transparent, my intellectual property stays always mine when not explicitly transferred by contract.

    Just write me an e-mail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

  • Beratung und Schulung im Bereich Compliance, Rechts-Management, Krisenkommunikation, Politik (Public Affairs).

    Ich biete meine Beratungsleistungen und Schulungen für einen exklusiven Kundenkreis im Bereich Compliance und Compliance-Management an.

    Sollten meine Publikationen und meine Arbeit Ihr Interesse geweckt haben und von möglichem Nutzen für Ihre Arbeit oder Ihr Unternehmen sein, kann ich Ihnen meine exklusive und personalisierte Expertise in diesen Bereichen anbieten.

    Meine Tätigkeit als Trainer des WIFI Management ForumWien unterstreicht dieses Engagement.

    - WIFI-Kurs: Compliance Kompakt
    - WIFI Blog: Kleine Geschenke erhalten die Freundschaft 

    Ich bin auch sehr an Diskussionen und informellen, nicht kommerziellen Kooperationen interessiert, da ich meinen Horizont und meine Kenntnisse ständige erweitern möchte. Nicht jedes Projekt und jede Beratung wird dabei notwendigerweise zu einem Ergebnis führen, doch kann auch ein solches für beide Seiten fruchtbringend sein.

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    Was ist mein Zusatznutzen?

    Ein offenes Ohr und ein offener Geist. Kontakte und interkulturelle Kenntnisse. Außensicht mit externen Einblicken verbinden. Rechtlicher Hintergrund und praktische Erfahrung.

    - Suche nach neuen Zugängen
    - Compliance Management
    - Rechtsmanagement
    - Datenschutz
    - Krisenkommunikation
    - Anti-Korruption
    -Public Affairs

    Für weitere Informationen kontaktieren Sie mich bitte direkt unter: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.