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Portrait Stefan Onzek
Photo: elia.zilberberg

Dear visitor!
Dear reader!

Ut corpora nostra sine mente et anima, sic civitas sine lege et constitutione. (As our body without mind and soul, so is a state without law and constitution.) [Based on Marcus Tullius Cicero, Pro Cluentio LIII, 14]

I am pleased that you have found my sites on the Internet. These pages are intended to act either as a personal business card for myself, but also to collect information with which I concern myself professionally, privately and politically. A small general blog – mainly focusing on political and legal issues – completes this. For this purpose it must be mentioned that this site is in a constant process of development and I'm always interested in receiving suggestions and inputs.

To me it is important to achieve a lively exchange with colleagues – such as lawyers – and within my areas of interest, expertise and consulting i.e. politics (polity, policy), international relations, business and economics, which might enrich my and their work to the same extent or to increase or structure knowledge.

BrückeVarious jurisprudential and political issues, economics, public affairs and public relations ("PR"), media, renewable energy, energy policy, data protection law, compliance, infrastructure and transport, gambling law and society, as well as the Internet itself (Internet Law and Social Media) and its efficient, safe and morally acceptable use and development and also some aspects of art and culture can and should be included and linked. I therefore ask to get in touch and transmit me relevant and interesting information to make this site varied and useful.

Furthermore the observance and respect of privacy and personality rights as well as copyright are a big concern to me. For this reason, not everything will be publicly available or it will only be possible to obtain certain information only with certain permissions. I try to cite intellectual property correctly. If you find any errors or omissions in this regard, I request you to send me a message.

Some areas serve me well as personal, public, hint or as a link-directory. I kindly ask at this point to forgive me that complete and mature information cannot be offered over and at any point. Translations might also not be perfect or incomplete. Foreign-language information is not always translated. Certain information will be available only in the language corresponding to it. However, I am always open to advice and assistance.

I started to deal with political Blogs in Austria and in German-speaking countries, but I'm highly interested to extend this on an international level – preferably in English, French and Spanish. If you know those that fit into my directory, I may ask for your advice on the following screen: suggest links / blogs.

So I hope you enjoy my personal page and hope you can find some useful information.

Sincerely yours,
Stefan Onzek

Contact: If you would like to contact me, or for some reason need my address details, then please write me an e-mail to the address below. E-mail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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